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Personal Training at The Body Shop

If training in your own private gym space while receiving one-on-one coaching is what you're looking for then you've come to the right place.
As a member of The Body Shop, personal training can't get any better. For a monthly membership fee, you get your own training time-slot and get to attend unlimited sessions each month. I schedule your sessions, Monday through Friday, for every day I am not on shift at the Fire Department. This typically ends up being 12-16 sessions per month. You can attend all of these sessions or select which days work best for you and attend only those days.
We work together on your fitness goals and objectives and I create custom workout programs for you, lead you through your workouts, and help you achieve your goals.
Personal training also includes nutrition coaching and sample meal plans.
The Body Shop Training Schedule



7:30a-8:30a                  Currently Filled With Personal Training Client

8:45a-9:45a                  Available for Drop-in Sessions Only

10:00a-11:00a              Currently Filled With Personal Training Client

11:15a-12:15p              Currently Filled With Personal Training Client

2:00p-3:00p                  Currently Filled With Personal Training Client

3:15p-4:15p                  Availabe for Personal Training Client or Drop-in Sessions

4:30p-5:30p                  Currently Filled With Personal Training Client

5:45p-6:45p                  Currently Filled With Personal Training Client

Personal Training availability is subject to an open Training Time Slot.  There are six Training Slots in the schedule.  If there is a vacancy reflected in the schedule to the left that would work for you, contact me.


Virtual Training is not subject to Training Time Slot availability.

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