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The Body Shop is more than just Virtual Training and In-Person Private and Semi-Private Personal Training.  Workouts are more fun when groups of friends train together.  Whether you are interested in small-group Bootcamp workouts or Pilates, The Body Shop is the place to come for a great workout and a great time with friends.

Bootcamp Workouts

Bootcamp workouts are a great High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Session.  If you are looking to build strength, imrove your anaerobic endurance and improve your cardiovascular fitness, HIIT is the way to go.


Our Bootcamp classes utilize a variety of equipment including free weights, machines, TRX, RIP, and BOSU.


If you want a challenging, fun and intense workout, sign up for one of our small-group Bootcamp classes.

Joseph Pilates opened up his first Pilates studio in New York in 1926.  Over time, his method, which he called "Contrology" has grown tremendously in popularity due to the health benefits Pilates provides.


Sign up for one of our small-group Pilates classes and begin to experience the benefits of this very challenging method of exercise.


Our Pilates classes are led by BASI-Trained instructors.

BASI Pilates
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