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Are you struggling with designing programs for yourself that help you continue to build quality muscle and break through plateaus?

Do you spend hours in the gym with little or no results to show for it?

Are you stuck in a training rut and looking for a way to add meaningful variety to your workouts?

Not sure how to put together a solid meal plan that will get you the results you are after?

Well, if you answer "yes" to any of these questions, I can help you out.

Over the years, I have developed loads of workouts and dozens of programs geared toward specific goals, like building muscle, losing body fat, and improving cardiovascular endurance.

You can have access to these programs through my Virtual Training service to help you attain your goals.

Your Virtual Training Program Includes

Mobile App

Access your entire program via your mobile device.  Everything you need is at your fingertips, at the gym or at home.

Nutritional Coaching

You will be provided with sample meal plans and suggestions that will help you develop successful eating habits to accelerate your results.


Build lean muscle, lose fat, improve your cardiovascular fitness with customized programs designed for your specific goals.


Through the app's messaging feature, you have direct access to me for any questions you may have, and I will check-in with you and provide you with the answers to any questions you might have.

Clan Support

Members have exclusive access to our private community where members can interact, share information and news, cheer each other on, and remind each other that we are all working together.

Mobile App Features

Custom Workouts On Your Mobile Device

Scheduled Training On Your Calendar

Track Exercise Stats & Your Personal Bests

Access To Your Personal Meal Plan

Convenient Access To The Messaging Feature Allows You To Touch Bases With Me At Any Time

Hundreds Of Exercise Videos Made By Me Demonstrating Exactly How To Perform The Exercise Properly

Sample Videos

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